Hike | Broadway Cave | Superstition Mountains



If you love the Wave Cave, then a hike to the Broadway Cave should be next on your list! Located in Apache Junction, this beautiful and scenic hike takes you through a lively trail to a small cave alongside the Superstition Mountains.


  • Distance: 4 Miles RT
  • Type of Trail: Out and back
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Elevation: 1000 feet


Off the bat you should know that this trail breaks off in various sections leading to other destinations. The intersections are marked, but the routes can be easily missed if not paying close attention. At the trailhead you will embark on your route using Jacob's Crosscut Trail. It's a stunning hike as you have various plant life around, a magical view of the Superstition Mountains, and the occasional company of desert creatures. About half a mile into the hike you will come to your first intersection; stay left on Jacob's Crosscut Trail. Again, the views are miraculous! You can spot the cave from the trail pretty clearly - in fact, it's pretty noticeable from the trailhead. Definitely helps with keeping your sense of direction and motivation.

Around the 1 mile mark you will come across your second intersection. It can be easy to proceed onto the defined Crosscut Trail path, but you will need to take a right behind the marker onto a slightly defined path. Slowly that path will come into focus. You will stay on this path for another mile. This section of the hike has you walking among the humongous Saguaro cacti; it was a favorite for my hiking group.

As you approach the 1 1/2 mile mark you will come across a large pile of rocks, also known as a cairn. Stay right of the structure. Follow the trail for another half a mile up the hill, beware of the loose rocks, towards the cave. As you descend up you will get some pretty remarkable views of the Apache Junction area. The view from the save is stunning, and of course, worth having a photo or two taken. There are bats in the cave so keep an eye out for them as you explore the cave inside - use your best judgment when exploring inside.


To access Broadway Cave, hop on the 60 highway east and turn left on Mountain View Road which is the first exit once the 60 highway changes from the expressway. Proceed down this path until you get to Broadway Ave and turn right. After a short distance you will come to your destination; a small parking area to your left. The trailhead behinds on the other side of the gated fence.



Highly recommend hiking this either during sunrise or sunset.

Bring a flashlight! 

Cover up with sunscreen as this hike has no shade coverage until you are in the cave.  

The trail begins in a residential area and has a small parking area enough room for 8 vehicles.


This blog was thoughtfully written by Vicki Ferguson. You can find her on Instagram at @vickidiazferguson.

* Please remember to hike at your own risk. To learn more please refer to our Hiking Disclaimer