Take Action | Proposed Changes at Fossil Creek

The Big news

Changes are being proposed at Fossil Creek which could really change the recreation opportunities in this area.  Here's what you need to know and do;

The Fossil Creek Wilderness area has become an increasingly popular destination for recreation over the past few years.  Since 2011, the Forest Service has implemented interim measures including the latest permitting system to curb usage and manage the impact on the area.  As of November 30th, however, the Environmental Assessment (EA) plan has been elevated to a more extensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which allows us as citizens to weigh in on the proposed actions.  The Comprehensive River Management Plan (CRMP) and the EIS can be viewed here.

Get educated

1st: Read the Notice of Intent: Notice of Intent

2nd: Read the proposed alternatives: 5 Alternatives with Alternative E being the FS preferred action

3rd: Get Involved.  Read below

get involved

Here are the ways to get involved on the proposed changes to the Fossil Creek Wilderness area (taken from Coconino FS website);

1.  Phone-in Meeting: December 6

  • When: December 6, 2016, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
  • Join In: Dial: 1-888-844-9904, Access Code: 6560414#
  • During this phone call, we will discuss the National Environmental Policy Act EISprocess and the Fossil Creek CRMP proposed action. Please email questions in advance to comments-southwestern-coconino-redrock@fs.fed.us. This will be a broadcast-style call with one-way audio, and will be recorded for those who cannot listen to the live broadcast.

2. Open House in Payson: January 5

3. Open House in Camp Verde: January 9

4. Leave a comment

Please submit comments in writing, through one of several methods.

AZHG does not take a stand on this matter but maintains that the wilderness should be a place to enjoy and a place that needs protection.  We encourage you, as a citizen, to get educated and then make an informed decision about the future of our lands.