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Retail: $18

Company: Farm to Feet
Farm to Feet is a company "committed to the single, simple goal of creating the world’s best wool socks by exclusively using an all-American recipe: US Materials, US Manufacturing, and US Workers". This company is serious about their products and Arizona Hikers Guide is here to test out just how good these American made socks are!

the review

Farm to Feet offers a variety of men's and women's socks.
1. Adventure Hike
2. Adventure Sport
3. Adventure Snow
4. Adventure Run
5. Everyday, Sporting, and Tactical/Equestrian


  • An increased compression from the Achilles through to the middle arch
  • Seamless toe closures
  • Cushioning specific to intended purpose
  • Reinforced structure
  • 22.5 micron U.S. merino wool
  • U.S. Made Nylons
  • US Made Elastic

My wife and I tested three of the Adventure varieties of Farm to Feet socks.  All I can say is that we have been more than impressed with the socks we tested.  My wife even stated that "these socks are the most comfortable things I've ever worn" (speaking of the Women's Greensboro Multisport Low Sock).  I was equally impressed.  We each tested the following in the men's and women's varieties; 1. Boulder Crew, 2. Greensboro 3/4 , 3. Greensboro Low

When I got these socks the first thing I noticed was the packaging.  On the cover were faces of actual employees or suppliers of Farm to Feet and their unique stories.  They tell of men and women working in the United States and how important the company is to them.  The marketing message shows just how much the individual lives of each employee counts and how proud they are of the U.S. jobs they have created.  The company really does start at the farm with 100% US products and and ends with 100% US manufacturing, printing, and displays that carry the socks right to your feet.

Over the past few months my wife and I have worn these socks almost non-stop.  We have hiked in them, ran in them, exercised in them, and worn them to work almost daily. I found that I can wear these socks multiple days in a row if needed before washing. Also, I typically will hand wash my socks but have put these in the washer and dryer and they have done just fine.

What I liked

  1. The Feel:   Every sock I tested was comfortable, non-itchy, and hugged my feet.  The arch support was the best part!
  2. US Made:  This company is legit.  They have teamed up with US farmers and manufacturers to provide a completely 100% American made sock.
  3. Durability:  I can only speak for the past few months but these socks have been bullet proof.  Both my wife and myself wear them daily and they have held up great.
  4. Their Guarantee: Several sock companies are moving to the "lifetime guarantee" status and these guys are no exception.  They stand by their product enough to say, "If you are not completely satisfied with the durability or performance of your Farm To Feet socks, then please return them for a replacement or a refund" with no questions asked!

What I didn't like

  1. The Price:  At around $16-20 a pair, it's hard to justify replacing my everyday socks with these.  Although I will say this, Farm to Feet's prices are pretty standard in the outdoor sock industry and their guarantee is so good that it makes the purchase worth it.
  2. The Boulder Crew:  This sock, although quality made, did not stand out like the other socks did.  I could not tell the difference in performance between my other (cheaper) wool socks and the Boulder Crew Traditional Hiking sock like I could with the Greensboro models.


The bottom line is that if I could afford to replace every sock I own with Farm to Feet socks I would. I have been so impressed with this company's product and mission. The socks are incredibly tough yet comfortable. They haven't shown any signs of wear yet and if at any time I feel like these aren't living up to Farm to Feet's standard I have the assurance of a 100% money back lifetime guarantee! This company is a real winner at my house and Casi and I have made the switch from our old hiking socks to these. You can purchase the socks online by clicking the button below or browse the Amazon listings!

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