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Humangear is a company that is dedicated to designing innovated and functional outdoor equipment and have been doing so in San Francisco since 2007. Their mission is to develop "real gear for real humans" which translates into the company really caring about their products and their customers. Humangear CEO Chris Miksovsky says they, "spend countless hours obsessing over every millimeter of a product" and "actually giving a damn about the things we make". I believe him and have spent the last few months testing out a variety of their offerings. Our two favorite products are their GoBites and GoTubbs which we will explain in depth below.

gotubb review

  • Weight: Small: 0.2 oz. Medium: 0.7 oz.
  • Diameter: Small: 1.2" Medium: 2.8"
  • Capacity: Small: .50 oz.  Medium: 2.94 oz.
  • Fluids: Water resistant but not waterproof.  Try GoToobs for waterproof containers.

GoTubbs are these handy little containers for all the odds and ends in your pack that you don't know what to do with but want to keep safe. For me, these are a lifesaver because I tend to lose stuff if I don't have a proper place for them. The containers are circular, have a bottom and a lid, and are made of a hard plastic.
Both Casi and I have taken the small and medium sizes with us on day hikes, backpacking trips, and a recent week long excursion to Oregon. I use the small GoTubb mostly for pills but also have used it for spices for backpacking meals. The medium container are great for just about everything else. Personally, I use the medium sized GoTubbs for snacks, earbuds, trail candy, random first aid things like safety pins and rubber bands. I also found that they make a great storage place for various firestarters like alcohol soaked cotton balls and dryer lint.

Cool Features We Loved

  1. Easy to open: It's a breeze and can be done with one hand.  All you do is pinch the sides and "POP" it opens.  To shut the container you just press back down on the top and it will click into place.
  2. Comes in a 3-Pack: Everything is better in three's right!?
  3. Recessed, textured place for labeling: You can designate your GoTubb to specific items such as pills or snacks or firestarters.
  4. Material: GoTubbs are food-safe (FDA) and completely recyclable (#5 plastic). They're 100% BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free.
  5. Warranty:  Lifetime warranty on these bad boys which goes to show how much this company stands behind their products.

Things Lacking

  1. The Small GoTubb:  Personally, we thought the small GoTubb was just a little too small and we had a hard time finding things that would fit.
  2. Loved the design but...: The snap on, snap off lid design is great, however, I wish there was a way to keep the two pieces connected so one doesn't get lost.  I could see myself popping off the lid and then losing it making the GoTubb worthless.

gobites review

  • Weight: Uno: .53 oz.  Duo: .78 oz.  Trio: 3.24 oz.
  • Dimensions: Uno: 6.5" x 1.6"  Duo: 5.8" x 1.6"  Trio (case): 8.4" x 2.0" x .78"
  • Materials: Special high-temp, high-strength nylon
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Gray

GoBites come in three different options; Uno, Duo, and the Trio. The Uno is the smallest and lightest spoon/fork combo. The Duo is a really cool slide together fork/spoon combination that extends to make a longer version of the Uno. The Trio is the premium utensil set that comes in a special container that includes a fork, spoon, knife, and toothpick.
My first thought about doing a review of a utensil set was, "what more can be said about a spoon and who cares?". Casi and I tried all three versions and were actually taken back by the careful and creative design of the GoBites. My overall favorite and now most used option is the Duo because it is lightweight and extends into a very long version of the Uno which was the biggest selling point for me. I mean, who wants to stick their whole hand down into the bag to reach those last few bites of freeze dried lasagna? Also, the bottle opener and toothpick in the Trio is pretty ingenious and have to give some props for that.
The utensils are very stiff and durable. They are nearly impossible to break or bend. They also don't soften or melt when stirring boiling water which is nice. Watch the video below to hear about all the cool features these utensils have to offer.

Cool Features We Loved

  1. The Duo: The extension feature is exactly what I want/need from a utensil.  I really do hate sticking my hand down into a dehydrated food bag or burning my knuckles trying to stir my Ramen Noodles.  The interlocking design also allows for nice and compact storage.
  2. The Material: The high strength nylon material is lightweight and strong.
  3. Multiple Functions:  I realize we are reviewing a stinking utensil here but there was some serious thought that went into making these.
  4. Warranty: Again, lifetime warranty on these guys.

Things Lacking

  1. No real need for the Uno:  We couldn't find a need for the Uno.  The Duo is really all you need and the Trio is great if you are doing some car camping.  The Uno was just a little too small and we couldn't find a good reason to take it along.


Humangear is an awesome little company that puts almost too much time into thinking about design and function. Their products impressed us not only with style but also with durability. We think that if you can afford the luxury of packing a GoTubb instead of a plastic baggie and GoBites instead of a white plastic spoon then do it. The warranty the company offers is fantastic and I highly recommend taking a look at the other lines of product they offer. Shop Humangear products

*Disclaimer:   Although this product was given to me complimentary for this review, it in no way influenced my testing or opinion of the product or company.

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