Hike | Hieroglyphic Trail | Superstitions

Trail Stats

  • Length:  3 miles (round trip)
  • Trail Type: Out and Back
  • Trailhead Elevation:  2,100 ft.
  • Gain/Loss:  +580 ft.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Dog Friendly: Not really

Trail description

The Hieroglyphic Trail #101 is a short, fun little hike and a great introduction into the Superstition Mountain range. On this hike you can expect to see great views of the East Valley as well as some well preserved hieroglyphics. I recommended this hike to anyone looking for a short, fun, introductory desert hike.

The trail begins at at the foothills of the Superstitions where houses continue to replace precious desert. The trailhead lies in a neighborhood and is very easy to get to. From the get go, the trail climbs toward Hieroglyphic Canyon. Along the way you will see great views of the East Valley and is a great trail for pictures. As you approach the canyon, the trail will become more rocky and you may have to climb just a little bit (nothing grandma and grandpa can't handle).

When you reach the the canyon look out for hieroglyphics on the left. Beware, however, of the idiots who deface the ancient beauty. Every time I have visited there has been pools of water scattered about the canyon floor. Please enjoy the hieroglyphics and return the way came. In total, the trip is right around three miles.

I really enjoy this little hike on weekdays. If I am in the mood to take pictures, get outside, and have limited time, I choose this hike. I really enjoy looking at the paintings and hieroglyphics. If you have visitors from out of town who really want to see the desert, this is definitely the hike for them!

Hiking Tips

  • Bring a camera
  • The hieroglyphics are to be looked at and enjoyed from a distance. Don't be an idiot and tamper with them
  • Pick up your trash

Map to trailhead

Directions: East on U.S. 60, 5 miles from Apache JunctionNorth on Kings Ranch Road, 1.6 milesEast on Baseline Ave, .3 milesNorth on Mohican Road, .3 milesWest on Valley View DriveNorth on Whitetail Road, .3 milesEast on Cloudview Ave., .4 miles to dead end/TH


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