The state of Arizona is one of the most diverse states in the country.  It is the 6th largest state yet contains the 2nd lowest percentage of water which classifies the state as having either an arid or semi-arid climate.  Among being one of the most arid climates in the country, it also contains vast mountain ranges and the worlds largest population of Ponderosa pine trees.  Arizona is also the only place in the world where the Saguaro cactus grows wild.  This truly is a beautiful state with many natural wonders (including one of the seven wonders of the world).  Among all the beauty and diversity, however, comes harsh and dangerous landscapes as well.  Please use caution while exploring our beautiful state and make sure to use my pre-hike checklist before attempting a trip!

Water: BRING ENOUGH WATER!  This, by far, is the most important thing you will carry with you on a hike in Arizona.  Make sure you have enough.  Drink before, during, and after your trip.  The Arizona heat can and does injure and kill many hikers each year.

Gear: Boots, backpacks, clothing, and other gear is important to any happy hiker.  Please check our Gear Reviews to see what we use and what gear we recommend.

Flash Floods:  Arizona is known for it's beautiful canyons, streams, and washes.  Arizona is also known for it's unpredictable and often violent weather.  Make sure to check the weather and flash flood warnings before you embark on a hike.

Wildlife: Arizona has some unique and wonderful wildlife.  Some are dangerous and some are not.  Please treat all wildlife with respect by enjoying their presence from a distance and never hurting or killing any wild animal.

*Please Note: All hikes listed on this site have been hiked by me or by someone I know. I do my very best to be as accurate as possible in my trail descriptions but I do not consider this site to be an official guide. The descriptions are personal in nature and express my own opinions as to the ratings and difficulties of each hike. Some of the hikes mentioned below can be extremely dangerous and I take no responsibility for the fate of each reader should you choose to follow these trail guides. Again, these are personal descriptions and each account has been completed by me. More trails will be posted as they are explored.