5 Quick Valley Hikes in Phoenix, AZ


Many of us are used to a busy lifestyle of work, school, and whatever else we can squish into the week. Sometimes, it’s nice to slow things down by going outdoors and leaving our electronic devices behind. Hiking can be that perfect mini escape. Thankfully, the Arizona Phoenix Valley hundreds of trails networked throughout the area!

Here are 5 of the best valley hikes to start off your day before work or school. The best thing is, early morning hikes will reward you with minimal foot traffic for a happier experience!

Telegraph Pass Trail


Telegraph Pass is the most popular and beloved trail in Ahwatukee, AZ. The hike is a 2.2 miles out and back hike with only 482 ft elevation gain. It connects with the Desert Classic Trail towards the beginning and the Kiwanis and National trails at the top. Dogs are welcomed on the trail! There can be high foot traffic at times due to the runners, families, and pets that share the trail. However, hiking at sunrise or night time will allow you to meet just a few people along the way.

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Piestawa Peak Summit Trail

Located in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, Piestawa Peak Summit trail is a heavily trafficked trail that provides stunning views of the city. People flock to this peak due to its close proximity and trail of mostly paved steps. Although it is 2.2 miles out and back, the 1,151 ft elevation gain makes the trail a challenging ascent. Hiking this early morning will provide a great heart-pumping workout!

Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley Loop


Near the Tempe area of South Mountain, the Mormon Trail to Hidden Valley Loop trail is a beautiful and relatively short hike. Out and back will give you a 3.4 mile hike with 918 ft elevation, all gained in the beginning. With moderate foot traffic and options to hike, trail run, or mountain bike, this trail can be a versatile morning workout option.

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Pinnacle Peak Trail


In Scottsdale, Pinnacle Peak is known for its 3.5 mile out and back trail that provides beautiful views of the valley and McDowell Mountains. Early morning and night are best times to go, since day time can lead to higher foot traffic. Families, runners, hikers, and rock climbers alike can enjoy this trail.

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Camelback Echo Canyon Trail

Towards Northern Scottsdale, the Echo Canyon trail on Camelback is one of the most popular and well-known Phoenix hikes. Its sister, Cholla trail, is also very popular. Even though the out and back trail is only 2.4 miles, the 1,423 ft elevation gain classifies this trail as hard and is not for the faint of heart. The half mile of rock scrambling keeps the hike interesting and is a great full-body workout to do before work!


  • During the summer, get to the trail by 5AM to watch the sunrise and hike during the coolest weather of the day.
  • Pack adequate water of 1-2 L with more in the summer to avoid dehydration or heat stroke.
  • Bring salty snacks such as popcorn or pretzels to maintain your electrolyte balance. Also, pack food to eat after your hike to nourish your body and maintain your energy levels throughout the rest of the day.
  • Be sun safe by bringing a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Wear adequate shoes and clothes if hiking the moderate-strenuous hikes.
  • Be respectful of fellow hikers:
    • Hikers going uphill should have the right of way
    • Avoid playing music out of speakers. Not everyone will like your music choices, and some hike to only be surrounded by nature sounds and the sound of their breath.
    • Be friendly and have fun sharing the trail!


This blog was thoughtfully written by Annie Nguyen. You can find her on Instagram at @_annien.

* Please remember to hike at your own risk. To learn more please refer to our Hiking Disclaimer.