Gear Review | Buff UV headwear

Retails: $25

Company: Buff Headwear
Buff Headwear began with three things; a bicycle, a problem, and Joan Rojas.  Joan, the company's founder and creator, was in search of a garment that could cover his head and neck and withstand the elements on his long cross country rides.  Using his knowledge of knitting and a little innovation Buff Headwear was born.

Since that time in 1991, this trend setting company has been pumping out crazy designed tubular headwear and hasn't looked back.  It seems like every time I visit their website they are introducing a new Buff which is one of the coolest things about this company.  They have a Buff for just about any adventure you can think of! Don't believe me? Check out their awesome product matrix to find a Buff that will do exactly what you need it to.

The review

The company has literally dozens of styles, shapes, lengths, and functions. Here in Arizona we felt like the UV Buff and UV Headband Buff would be a perfect match since it's purpose is to block those harmful rays.
The two products we tested:
Men's UV Buff (msrp $25)
Women's UV Headband Buff (msrp $15)


  • Blocks 95% of UV rays
  • Soft, breathable Coolmax® Extreme fabric
  • 100% seamless
  • 12+ ways to wear
  • Polygiene® Active Odor Control
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Thermal protection from cold & wind
  • Quick-drying
  • 2-way lateral stretch
  • One size fits all adults

Casi and I have owned the Original Buff headwear in the past and were really excited to get these UV Buff's, which in full disclosure I had no idea existed until the product was referred to us! With that being said, once I caught wind that there was a Buff that had the potential to keep UV rays off my head and neck and thus keep me from having to put on nasty sunscreen I was all in. If you know me, you know how much I despise sunscreen so this product naturally became an instant favorite.
The UV protection comes from the highly technical composition of fabric, the tightness of the weave, color, finish, and other functions. This fabric is softer than normal microfiber and has the ability to block anywhere from 93% to 97% of harmful ultra-violet rays. This was the first thing Casi and I tested since this was the function that drew us to the product in the first place. After spending several  long days in the desert with these garments we can conclude that the UV Buff's really do a good job at not only keeping out UV rays but also at wicking moisture away from our skin.
The other awesome thing we "tested" was all the cool ways to wear these things! Check out the video below on the 12+ ways to use your Buff;

One of my favorite ways to use my UV Buff is to simply wear it around my neck almost like a scarf (but a little more manly). When I wear it loosely around my neck I noticed that it not only kept the sun off of my neck but it also kept the sweat off my body. Additionally, it was one less thing I had to carry in my pack or pocket which doesn't seem like a big deal but it is nice to have access to it without having to dig into my bag.
I think the best part about Buff's are their incredible versatility. Not only can you wear them a dozen different ways but they also have other functions. Speaking to the UV Buff, it also served as my wind protector, my bug net, my beanie, scarf, sweat rag, hot pad, and hankie. I don't know if there is another product on the market that has as many uses at such a low weight. Bottom line: We stinkin' love these things!

Casi absolutely loves her Buff headband.  She no longer has to worry about sweat dripping into her eyes on long runs or while working out.  It also solves the problem of keeping hair off of her face and neck.  The headband also protects from UV rays and she often wears it around her neck when we go hiking.

what we liked

  • The Versatility:  They have dozens, if not hundreds, of uses.  It has replaced my beanie, handkerchief, and that awful, greasy sunscreen my wife used to make me wear
  • The Fabric:  The fabric used for these Buff's are really quite unique.  They are very soft to the skin but have a feeling of durability.  Buff's also maintain their shape due to the two-way lateral stretch.  The Coolmax fabric does a great job wicking away moisture which I love because we sweat a lot in the desert! Oh, and did I mention the materials they use neutralize odor and stops the growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi? Yeah, it does that too.
  • Seamless: The seamless design is both awesome and comfortable.
  • Buying Options: Other than the hundreds of funky designs that personalize your Buff's, they also offer a variety of functions and sizes.  Don't need UV protection but would rather have an insect repellent Buff? They have one.  Need something thicker and warmer? That too.  They have a Buff for virtually any outdoor activity you can think of.  Oh, they make Buff's for your pets too!

what we didn't like

  • The edges: I'm being nit-picky here but both edges of the Buff look like they are just cut with a pair of scissors and do not have an end seam.  When I stretched the very ends of the fabric I could see some pulling apart of the material and made me worry that the ends might fray (which they have not as of yet).  I think an end seam with a Serger  would both protect from fraying and give it a nice finished look.


Buff products rock.  They are the top dog in the tubular garment industry for good reason. This company offers tons of buying options for every activity and season and at a reasonable price. This makes Buff headwear a perfect option for Arizonans because of our diverse state and limitless outdoor opportunities!

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